Wake on LAN with Debian

To enable Wake on LAN on a Asus P5E-V motherboard under Debian you can do the following. Since I have a Asus motherboard, that’s the only one I’ve tested, but except from the BIOS (which may differ a bit), the instructions should be the same for all motherboards/NIC that supports Wake on LAN.

In the BIOS, enable “Power on by PCIE device”.

In Linux, first install ethtool and then check that Wake on LAN is supported by running the following command:

The output should contain a ‘g’ to indicate that the device can be woken by sending it a “magic packet”.

Enable Wake-on by running:

Since this command must be run on every boot, add it to /etc/rc.local.

As the last step we must make sure that halt doesn’t disable the network device. This is done by adding this line to /etc/default/halt:

We also need the MAC address to send the magic packet to.

Then shutdown the computer. On an other computer, install e.g. wakeonlan and run:

The computer should now start.