Licq 1.3.5 final

The final release of Licq 1.3.5 was just announced.

From the release note:

  • Save the “Send through server” option to disk.
  • Fixed bugs that caused Licq to leak memory.
  • Fixed a bug where Licq would crash on authorization requests from new users.
  • Added code (disabled by default) to help find locking issues that could cause Licq to hang and fixed the bugs that were discovered.
  • Made Licq buildable with GCC 4.3.
  • Updated autotools and friends.
  • Use gdb if it’s installed to generate a better backtrace if Licq crashes.
  • Display a dialog informing the user how to report the bug in case Licq crashes.
  • ICQ: Fixed sending capabilities.
  • ICQ: Fixed setting security settings (Require authorization, Show web presence).
  • Qt/KDE: New emoticons theme FeltTip4.
  • Qt/KDE: New “Date format” option for customizing date and time in message and history windows.
  • Qt/KDE: The local time of contacts can be displayed in contact list and popup information.
  • Qt/KDE: Made the history layout configurable.
  • Qt/KDE: New option to use double return instead of Ctrl+Return for sending and in input dialogs.
  • Qt/KDE: Skins can now set a separate background color for group headings in the contact list (parameter colors.groupBack).
  • Qt/KDE: Tabs in chatdialog can be closed by middle clicking on them.
  • Qt/KDE: Removed all Qt2 support.
  • Qt/KDE: Open links in a new tab when using Opera.
  • Qt/KDE: Made the standard group names translatable.
  • Qt/KDE: Added %M modifier to print number of pending messages (if any).
  • Qt/KDE: Popup information shows if contact is not authorized yet.
  • Qt/KDE: Floaties are now saved properly for non-ICQ contacts.

Download and enjoy!