Problems with bcm43xx and dhcp

After getting airport extreme working on linux (see ibook + linux == wlan!) I thought everything was good and I was ready to move to linux fulltime (on my laptop that is, my workstation has been running linux fulltime a number of years now). But the next time I booted I was unable to get the wireless network to function. When I ran dhclient I wasn’t given an ip address, just this error message.

The only thing I noticed was that even though I explicitly set the rate to 11M, it was set to 54M after running dhclient. So it seemed like dhclient was doing something funny. But I was unable to pinpoint the exact problem and left it be for the time.

Today I found a solution in this thread. It’s not a permanent solution, rather some kind of a hack, but it works.

First bring up the interface.

Next, and this is the key, associate the interface at the same time as dhclient is DHCPDISCOVERing. Run this command in one terminal.

When you get output similar to this

you run this command in another terminal.

Of course you’ll have to replace “Erik” etc with your settings.

And, once again, I’m able to say: the wireless network card (AirPort Extreme) is now working.

3 thoughts on “Problems with bcm43xx and dhcp

  1. Hello Erik!
    I’m using the latest Kubuntu, with the latest updated kernel, but I’m unable to get working my airport card. I have WEP on my access point, with of course my ibook g4.
    My eth1 wireless is up, but with DHCP i have got no luck.
    Are you using the same distributions? Have you some others hints/suggestions?

    Thank you!

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